Terms & Conditions

“Company”, “we” or “us” means Creative Eighty

1. Website Design

1.1 Special offers

a. The Company’s standard website design offer is:

i. Up to five webpages (including a front page and a contact page);

ii. Fully functional contact form including Spam prevention measures;

iii. Secure connection (https);

iv. Fully hosted and support (additional charges apply – see 3);

v. Social media integration;

vi. Basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO);

vii. User analytics; and

viii. Necessary security features.

b. We require the Client to provide the Company with the following information in advance of the website design work commencing:

i. The substantive website content including both text and images to be included.  Images provided must be owned by the Client or obtained from royalty free sources;

ii. High resolution logo, ideally vector;

iii. Indication of preferred colour or combination of colours; and

iv. An email contact address.

c. The Client gives explicit consent for the Company to register services and accounts necessary for website functionality and security.  The Company will provide the Client with written notification of these services and accounts.

d. The Company reserves the right to refuse requests for work, although the company will not do so unreasonably.  Where we consider the complexity of the work requested to be beyond the scope of the standard website design offer, we will discuss this with the Client in the first instance.

1.2 Design, Testing and Approval

a. Upon receipt of all the required information (1.1 (b)), the Company will complete the website design within 3 weeks. 

b. The Company will present the website to the Client for comment and feedback.  The Client must provide the Company with full feedback and/or requests for change within 10 working days.

c. The Company will present the Client with a revised proposal incorporating the feedback and/or requests for change within 7 days.

d. The Client will have a further 5 working days to approve the design or provide any final feedback and/or requests for change.

e. The Company will present the Client with the final design within 3 working days of the final step referred to above (1.2 (d)) including a request for written confirmation of final design approval by the Client.

f. The Client must confirm approval and acceptance of the final design by returning the appropriate form supplied by the Company.  Unreasonably withholding or refusing to return the written confirmation of final design approval by the Client will render the Company unable to continue to provide the Client with any further services, and the Client agrees to forfeit the deposit paid.

g. The Company design websites using Content Management Systems (CMS).  CMSs will allow Clients to add, edit and delete their own content.  The Company will, where necessary, provide the Client with instructions on how to manage their own website after receiving written confirmation of final design approval.

h. Any further and/or additional work the Client requests from the Company after receiving the written confirmation of final design approval will be chargeable.  The Company will provide the Client with a written quotation of the likely costs based on the Client’s request.

2. Other Services

2.1 Services at additional cost

a. The Company’s standard website design does NOT include the following:

i. Logo design

ii. Graphic design including business stationary

iii. Additional coding or special customisation

iv. Websites with more than 5 pages

v. Complex functionality

vi. Ecommerce

vii. Managed Search Engine Optimisation (SEO);

viii. Any other aspect, feature or design the Company considers outside the scope of the Standard website design as outline in paragraph 1.1 (a).

b. The Company can provide these any or all of these services at an additional cost and by request of the Client.

3. Website hosting and maintenance

3.1 Hosting

a. Clients will be required to host their website with the Company.  This is to ensure

– the Company has the required access to fully support, maintain and secure the Client’s website; and

– the security and integrity of the Company’s hosting account, services and servers are maintained.

b. The Company will advise the Client of the relevant hosting and support costs in writing.

c. Annual fees for hosting and support will be reviewed annually in January. The Company will give the Client advance notice of any changes to fees and charges.

3.2 Support

a. The Company will be responsible for ensuring Client’s websites are kept up to date with the necessary updates, released by vendors from time to time.  The Client provides the Company with explicit consent to undertake this work on behalf of the Client.

b. The Company will take all reasonable steps and precautions to ensure website downtime is kept to a minimum.  The Client understands that from time to time it will  be necessary for the Company to make the Client’s website publicly available for essential works and updates.

c. The Client hereby understands that the Company’s hosting account and servers are supplied by a Website Hosting Company (TSO Host).  From time to time, TSO Host might need to undertake routine maintenance or might be affected by technical difficulties that might result in downtime of the Client’s website.  The Client understands that the Company has no control over this and cannot be held accountable where the downtime is as a result of, or caused by, TSO Host.

4. Payment Terms

a. The Client agrees to pay the Company one third of the quoted price upon instruction.

b. The remaining two thirds must be paid within 14 days of the invoice date once the Company receives the Client’s written confirmation of final design approval.

5. Marketing and Promotions

a. By instructing the Company for any services, the Client gives consent for the Company to use the services undertaken as part of the Company’s marketing and promotional activities.

6. Passwords & Security

a. The Company will take all reasonable steps to ensure any personal information held in relation to, or on behalf of the Client, will be processed securely.

b. The Client must take all reasonable steps to ensure any sensitive information supplied by the Company is processed securely, including, but not limited to:

i. Storing it in a safe place;

ii. Not sharing access passwords and/or other privileged or sensitive information;

iii. Advising the Company when access passwords and/or other privileged or sensitive information has been lost or requires urgent changes.

b. The Client will comply with instructions and/or advice given by the Company in relation to passwords and security, including, but not limited to, routinely changing passwords and the strength of passwords to be used.

c. The Company reserves the right to remove, or restrict user privileges, where the Company is of the view that this action is necessary to maintain the security and/or integrity of the website.

7. Privacy

a. The Company will process information provided by the Client in accordance with the published Privacy Statement.

Version 1, December 2021